Jenn & Rob’s Wedding at Full Moon Resort

Oh boy, was this a fun and magical wedding! The wonderful couple Jenn & Rob had a super fun and love-filled wedding weekend in upstate New York at the Full Moon Resort in Big Indian, NY in June.

Out of all the weddings I’ve photographed over the years, the dance floor at this wedding was the most spectacular!

Congrats you lovebirds!

— Holly D.

Jenn and Rob 6.10.17-342.jpg

IMG_0118-2Jenn and Rob 6.10.17-9Jenn and Rob 6.10.17-72Jenn and Rob 6.10.17-194Jenn and Rob 6.10.17-107Jenn and Rob 6.10.17-134Jenn and Rob 6.10.17-153Jenn and Rob 6.10.17-156

IMG_9464Jenn and Rob 6.10.17-185Jenn and Rob 6.10.17-159

IMG_9162IMG_0159Jenn and Rob 6.10.17-270IMG_0343IMG_0376IMG_0380-2Jenn and Rob 6.10.17-319IMG_0602-3IMG_0636


IMG_9377IMG_9743IMG_0107-2Jenn and Rob 6.10.17-2Jenn and Rob 6.10.17-1


Jenn and Rob 6.10.17-377Jenn and Rob 6.10.17-379Jenn and Rob 6.10.17-382IMG_0258-2IMG_0285-2Jenn and Rob 6.10.17-584Jenn and Rob 6.10.17-593Jenn and Rob 6.10.17-627IMG_1190IMG_0528-2IMG_1169-2

Jenn and Rob 6.10.17-423IMG_0859IMG_1326Jenn and Rob 6.10.17-443Jenn and Rob 6.10.17-416Jenn and Rob 6.10.17-429Jenn and Rob 6.10.17-532IMG_1368

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