New Beginnings

Hello all, this is my introductory post to my new blog. I previously created this blog back in 2008 for a college class and I’ve resurrected it as a new medium to showcase my ongoing work.

I made the move to New York City about a year and a half ago and I finally feel truly settled here in Brooklyn. I’ve been itching to streamline my work and be able to share it in a simple yet effective way, and I knew a blog was the way to go. I’ve set it up so it can be accessed through my website and vice versa, and am also working on connecting it with facebook and maybe even twitter.

I set a goal for myself to shoot a subject/topic/theme at least once a week and tell a story about it through my blog. The plan is to write at least a paragraph that describes the who/what/where/when and what I learned and want to share.

Currently I’m working full-time at a photo studio, doing all aspects of post-production, so I don’t get to shoot during the day per se but I am pushing myself to shoot during my free time after work and on the weekends.

It’s easy to feel intimidated as a photographer trying to make it in NYC, but it’s even easier to be inspired.

Thanks for visiting and check back soon. All feedback is encouraged.

xoxo Holly D.